Controlling LED strips from Ableton Live.

Tools: C++, Arduino, WS2812B LED strips

Tumultes is a multimedia performance by composers Vincent Fillion and Xavier Ménard, that premiered on June 12th 2019 at the Sala Rossa in Montreal, as part of the Suoni Per Il Popolo festival. For this project, I assisted the composers during their 2019 residency offered by Codes d’accès at Concordia University. My main responsibility was to give the composers a way to control addressable LED strips using MIDI. I did so by designing and programming a custom Arduino-based solution.

Because of my work, composers were able to connect a standard MIDI cable to the Arduino controller and send MIDI messages to WS2812B LED strips during the performance, in order to light up a custom springboard instrument and a Plexiglas box.

Original springboard instrument by Vincent Fillion
Original springboard instrument designed and built by Vincent Fillion // Photo: Vincent Fillion