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Francis Lecavalier is a Montreal-based programmer, creative coder, composer and musician. He is currently Director of the Development and Transfer of Innovation department at the Société des Arts Technologiques (SAT). Francis studied computer science at Collège de Valleyfield before obtaining a B. Mus. in Digital Music at Université de Montréal, where he studied under the direction of Olivier Bélanger and Patrick Saint-Denis.

As a creative coder, Francis mostly works with other composers, dancers and digital artists and helps them bring their creative vision to life. His code has been featured in projects presented at Festival International de Musique Actuelle de VictoriavilleQuartiers Danses, Festival de Troi(e)s and Montreal/New Musics. His past collaborations include artists such as Herman KolgenFélix-Antoine MorinXavier Ménard and Audrey Gaussiran.

As a composer, producer, turntablist, drummer, DJ and synth player, Francis has appeared in a number of musical projects over the years, most notably in the rock/rap band Guâdjéwâ, electropop duo Rouge Tonic and electronic music collective Kolabacats. Other highlights include being a sponge player in Martin Marier‘s Sponge Quintet and being one of the very first members of Nicolas Bernier’s Ensemble d’oscillateurs.

As part of his work at the SAT, Francis leads a 10-person team dedicated to the development of Free and Open-Source Software focusing on telepresence, streaming and haptic feedback for artistic purposes.