Ensemble d’oscillateurs

During my studies at the Université de Montréal, I have had the privilege of being one of the very first members of the Ensemble d’oscillateurs, created in 2016 and led by the amazing Nicolas Bernier.

This 10 musicians electronic music ensemble stands at the antipode of the miniaturization of today’s musical technologies. The post-wars oscillators that serves here as instruments are heavy machines producing only the most rudimentary signals: sine and square waves. The oscillator makes it possible to return to the basis of the sound creation with the assumption that the functional simplicity of the oscillator will oblige a reflection on the precision of thought on time and frequency structures.

The Ensemble’s very first release, titled 4 compositions (released on LINE in 2018) features two tracks on which I had the pleasure of performing: Ignis Fatuus (Solis) by Kevin Gironnay and Syn-Phon by Candaş Şişman.

On December 2017, the Ensemble collaborated with Sébastien David and his students from the National Theater School of Canada (NTSC) for a playwright laboratory. The result was a short play titled Je m’ennuierai de quand, written by Julien Beauseigle, Hugo Fréjabise, Liliane Moisan and Tamara Nguyen with live music by the Ensemble. It was presented at the NTSC on December 7th 2017.