Tout le monde est heureux

What do you get when you put a talented producer and three musicians in the same room? Great music of course!

This is exactly what happened one summer night of 2019, when producer/composer Gilboërn invited Paul Zakarivan, Andrea Mercier and myself for a modest recording session in Montreal as part of his Island Sessions project. The goal was simple: jam together atop some of Gilboërn’s beats and create some music.

Similar to what was done on Reviens (which was recorded in the same session), Gilboërn provided a solid instrumental foundation, which provided a great canevas for creative exploration. Guitars were handled by Paul, while Andrea was playing the saxophone. As for myself, I jammed with my turntables, finding the central sample on one of my personal vinyls and scratching with it throughout the song. I also did some overdubs with a MINIAK synth that was lying around, mainly creating the bass synth part in the second half of the song. The song also features the voice of Christian Fafard, who made a special visit during the recording session.

Like Reviens, most of the instrumentals featured in the song contain little to no edits or cuts, since Gilboërn wanted to instill a very raw and live feel to the song.

Tout le monde est heureux was released as a single on March 27th 2023 on Owl Records and is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Make sure to follow Gilboërn for more of his great music!