What do you get when you put a talented producer and three musicians in the same room? Great music of course!

This is exactly what happened one summer night of 2019, when producer/composer Gilboërn invited Paul Zakarivan, Andrea Mercier and myself for a modest recording session in Montreal as part of his Island Sessions project. The goal was simple: jam together atop some of Gilboërn’s beats and create some music. Gilboërn provided the initial song structure and drum patterns, Paul took care of the guitars and Andrea was on saxophone duty. As for myself, I was in charge of providing tasty samples from my personal vinyl collection and laying out some scratches throughout the track.

Reviens is one of the two tracks that emerged from this musical one-night stand (the other one being Tout le monde est heureux). Having already worked with Paul and Andrea extensively as part of Rouge Tonic, the whole process went very smoothly and we were jamming out to the song in no time, creating and recording every part with little to no difficulty. An interesting fact about Reviens is that most of the instrumentals featured in the song are one-takes with very little edits. This was very much intentional on Gilboërn’s part, who wanted a very natural and live feel to the recording.

Reviens was released as a single on December 19th 2022 on Owl Records and is available on Spotify and Apple Music. Make sure to follow Gilboërn for more of his great content!