Setting up real-time effects for a saxophone performance.

Tool: Ableton Live
Close-up of P pour‘s score

Saxophonist Geneviève D’Ortun approached me at the end of 2017 to help her set up and recreate the electronics for her rendition of P pour, a composition by Gabriel Dharmoo for saxophone and real-time effects from 2003.

Using the original score and instructions from the composer, I put together an Ableton Live set for Geneviève that I operated during rehearsals. This way, Geneviève could focus only on her saxophone playing and was relieved from manipulating the electronics herself. By working closely together, we were able to create a high-quality, personal rendition of P pour.

The finished work was presented at Geneviève’s doctoral recital on January 17th 2018 at Université de Montréal’s Salle Claude-Champagne, with myself operating the set.

P pour's Ableton Live Set
Excerpt of the Ableton Live set for P pour