Aminimal was a short-lived electronic rock trio comprised of Joey Guérin (guitar, vocals, lyrics), Jérémie Paradis (guitar, vocals, harmonica) and myself (drums, djembe, turntables, sampling, vocals, lyrics).

From the start, Aminimal was meant to be a one-shot project for the 2013 local edition of Cégeps en spectacle at Collège de Valleyfield. It was born out of the desire that Joey, Jérémie and I had to collaborate, play music and put together a unique performance tailor-made for the Cégeps en spectacle contest.

The resulting performance, named Leitmotiv, was a 10-minute song moving through different musical styles, starting with acoustic folk and going into country, hard rock, hip-hop and ending with an automated techno finale.

The performance won both the Prix du jury and the Prix du public at the Cégeps en spectacle finale in Valleyfield in December 2013. Since we won the Prix du jury, we were able to perform the song a second and last time at the regional finale of Cégeps en spectacle in March 2014 at the École Nationale d’Aérotechnique in Longueuil.

Aminimal at the regional finale of Cégeps en spectacle at ÉNA.